Thursday, July 15, 2010

Which evil do I choose?

Actually, this isn't even a choice anymore, because I don't even have any Treximent to take, but anyway.  My main two migraine relief medicines are Esgic Plus/Butlbutl and Treixment.  If I take the Esgic, there's no chance the migraine's going to go away.  In fact, it doesn't even work.  It's such a bullshit medicine.  If I take Treximent though, I get really obnoxious side-effects: nausea, and a feeling of discomfort.  The migraine will go away in less than 15 minutes, but then the rest of the day or night I'm stuck sucking on ginger ale and popping Pepto Bismals and Zofrans.  I guess the Treximent is better, especially if I go to sleep right after I take it, but I can't always do that.  And if I do take Esgic, I can't take Treximent for 24 hours. 

So, this is the first migraine I've had in quite awhile, and when you don't have them every day like I used to and they're all spread out they really hurt, and I just took some Esgic at 9ish. At 3AM I can take a second dose.  I don't have any Treximent at all, and have no idea what I'm going to do.  I was going to the hairdresser tomorrow to get my hair cut, but decided I'll grow it out, so I was just going to get it washed, so I can skip that.  But I hvae a job interview at 3 PM and am already freaking out that I can't make it, because I won't have the right medicine and won't be able to drive down there (it's at Pentagon City, a 15 minute drive down the highway) and if my mom takes me.... actually, no she can't because she does daycare and won't be able to because she has to pick the kids up at 3.30 from Rec-Pac, so that leaves the Metro, which can give me motion sickness without a migraine.  UGH.  I know I'm projecting and stressing myself out, therefore making it worse, but I really, really need a job.  It wouldn't be that bad if I didn't have a job interview, AGH.

I don't even know why I'm getting migraines.  I'm not in school so I'm really not stressed, I'm not depressed, I haven't really changed my eating habits. Maybe I should stop drinking so much orange soda, but I didn't even have any today.  The chocolate?  I actually just ate some an hour ago and it lessened the symptoms a bit.  Go serotonin. 

I have no idea what I'm going to do... 

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