Thursday, October 21, 2010

15. The New Feature

This is the first part in a 16 set of posts of things I need to blog about. See more information here

Yes, these might be crazy out of order. But that's the fun, no? Anyway, we're starting off with a **new** feature! Yep, something else I'm supposed to do on specific days and not do it, yay! But this one, and all my others, I'm going to seriously try to do. So we'll see how that goes. The new feature is... drum roll... Work in Progress (WIP) Wednesday! I was reading other blogs, and one click led to another blog, and a woman had WIP Wednesdays, and I figured that's a fantastic idea, especially since I always have WIPs, and never have any FOs. Oops. I need to work on that. Today I have four to show you, and excuse the semi-lame picture quality. Though my iPhone takes awesome pictures, this is the best it can do in the low-light.

And did you know you can see what my WIPs are and their status regardless of WIP Wednesday? On the right hand sidebar, the first gadget entitled WIPs is linked directly from Ravelry. (Any knitter or crocheter needs to have an account with them.)  Just another fun way to keep track of things.

First we have a scarf. I know, a scarf right? I hate scarves. It seems like miles and miles of endless stitches and no progress. But this is Lion Brand's Wool Ease Thick and Quick on size 13s, so it's going by quickly. This is for John, another reason why it's not too bad. We saw one like this at Purl Soho, a moss/seed stitch scarf in charcoal grey, but it was from some chunky Cascade. He didn't want to buy the yarn then, but I remembered I had some T&Q in my stash. I bought another skein because he'll probably want a hat. I'm alternating two rows between each skein so the difference in dye lots isn't drastic. I'm doing moss stitch because garter stitch looks too rustic and homemade and stockinette stitch curls. This creates a nice pattern and is interesting enough that I don't want to chuck it across the room halfway through. 

Christmas project! I got the new issue of Crochet Today! and was flipping through, and there was a Christmas tree garland, and I knew I had to make it. I don't have any Christmas colored sock yarn, and knew I had red, green and white in my stash so I didn't go buy any, and whipped up some. They're a tad bigger, but that's ok. They're currently waiting for me to measure the mantle and see if 6 is ok or I need 9. Then they'll get their ends woven in and be finished and ready for December.

This WIP has been removed. As a gift for my mom, I'm not sure if she reads this blog or not, so I can't have it hanging out in public. See the Ziggity Zag via Ravelry, which she doesn't have an account with, for more details. Thanks.

And finally, this is a shark. Doesn't look like it now, but I promise it'll look like a shark. (Or at least a dead alligator.) This is Anna of Mochimochi Land's pattern for the baby gator, and remember how I said when it didn't have arms or legs it looked like a shark? I redid the pattern in plain stockinette with grey and red yarn, and will knit him up some fins so I have a little shark. Cute!

And so that commences the first edition of WIP Wednesday. Hopefully next Wednesday, the tree garland and shark will be finished, I'll have gained a lot on the two scarves, and I might even have some more projects to show, especially since I have a very bad case of startitis. 

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