Wednesday, October 20, 2010

As with my other blog, this one has been severely lacking. So I'm making a list of things I need to blog about, and hopefully talk about one a day. That'll make this blog more interesting, and hopefully get me motivated to finish more things and start on other projects. I only have until September 2011!

3. Have over $15,000 in my ING account by the time this list is complete.
15. Get a job and keep it. (completed August 2010)
17. Add $2 to the Reward Envelope for every completed task and deposit into ING when completed. (currently $36/$202)
18. Expand my cat sitting business.
23. Learn how to play my guitar.
28. Complete the 26 things photo project. (one for each letter of the alphabet) (0/26)
33. Read all the Scientific Americans and National Geographics I have under my bed.(1/17)
36. Knit a pair of socks.
38. Deplete my yarn and fabric stash.
43. Recon something from a thrift store.
44. Splurge on expensive yarn.
52. Learn entrelac.
53. Complete all projects I have yarn for in Big White (1/RECOUNT)
60. Visit my uncle in Texas.
62. Spend more time exploring DC
78. Graduate from college.
88. Buy a pair of sexy matching undies. (Completed August 2010)
98. Brush the cats once a week.

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