Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The List of Future Blog Posts

I realized I have been severly lacking in posting things, especially Finished Objects. So I'm going to start a list here of things I need to blog about, and hopefully do a post a day, along with features. I just hope this list doesn't become a running list and I add things to it and it never gets finished, ah!

  1. The "What to Do in November?" Problem
  2. The Monstie
  3. The Hats
  4. The Socks
  5. The Alligator
  6. The Cowl
  7. The Yarn I Just Bought
  8. The New Books (2 Mine, 2 Mom's)
  9. The Sweater and Hat for John
  10. The Meditteranean Recipe
  11. The Pictures of Fonzie
  12. The Pictures from NYC
  13. The Pictures from DC and the Textile Museum
  14. The Ripple Blanket
  15. The New Feature
  16. The List of Projects to do in Little Blue
    Goodness, so much to discuss! I'm also doing this on my 101 in 1,001 blog, so check it out, too!

    P.S. I've also realized I need to make a decent inventory of the supplies I have in my craft closet. That will take time, but I think I might make a new page for it at the top. I'll most likely find some weird things I forgot I bought which will merit interesting blog posts, like a bag of almost 50 zippers. In only pale blue and pale purple. (I'm a hoarder, I know.)

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