Sunday, October 24, 2010

2. The Monstie

This is the third part in a 16 set of posts of things I need to blog about. See more information here.

Remember my Inga's bag, from the spring? I wanted to line it, but didn't know how so Cindy/craftADDchick was kind enough to make a lining for me. I got in back in August, and still haven't sewn it in (badbadbad) but will soon! So as a thank you gift, I made her a Monstie.

The Monsties by Sarah Hearn/EssHaych
Yarn: unlabeled blue worsted; Bernat Boa in Phoenix
Hook: G (4 mm)
Started: August 10
Finished: August 23

The crocheting actually only took a night or two. It was finding my hot glue gun to put the eyes and mouth on, then making the hair (I used Sarah's tutorial HERE.) and then giving him a hairstyle. Also, instead of making the bottoms of the feet in their entirety and sewing them on, I slip stitched them on. They warped upwards/inwards now, but it makes it really easy for him to stand. 

Glad you like Cindy!

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