Sunday, October 24, 2010

They're back

Remember all that "nyah nyah, I don't get any any more?" I spoke too soon. The past few days have been filled with Treximent, and I have a migraine today, too. Granted, once I did it to myself, because four triggers went into it: (1) my horrible sleep schedule/sleeping too long/taking a nap (2) an orange soda (3) a beer (4) chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. When I went to sleep I was like "fuck yeah, no migraine!" then woke up a few hours later with one.

Today, I'm not too sure the cause. Well, most likely because I slept all day. My sleep schedule's really fucked up, and I don't know how to fix it, either by drinking Red Bull all day or staring at the dark ceiling at night. Anyway, I went to bed at like 3 AM, woke up at 12, and was going to study, but got into bed to study and fell back asleep for an hour. Then I went to work and was fine, had a chocolate cupcake with dinner, which isn't bad. And had an orange soda, and then all hell broke loose and my head is slightly throbbing, but I have to read, but my eyes are getting heavy and I'd rather just muss around on the Internet than do anything productive. Staying up till 3 AM wouldn't be that bad if I was crafting or cleaning or studying or cooking, or writing even, but yesterday I was on FML and Lamebook. What a waste of time.

I really need to read, but my head's hurting, but it's nowhere near as bad as it has been, so I should suck it up and read for another hour.

I'll probably just procrastinate and add a gadget on here about my triggers.

Anyone read this blog?

I can tell my the craziness of this entry I have a migraine. Why doesn't "craziness" have a "y" in it? Is that weird or what?

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