Thursday, October 28, 2010

4. The Socks

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Oh socks, oh dear socks.

Remember the socks I was knitting and was so proud about, like when I turned the heel?

Beautiful yarn! Nice stitches! Smooth, wooden, expensive sock needles! Interesting pooling!

I kept going, and put it next to my foot to see how it was coming along. And I noticed this:

It didn't really look that wrong at first, but then I realized that socks just aren't supposed to look like that. Instead of turning the heel at the bottom of the cuff, I knit it at the wrong side. It's confusing and looks correct, but if you look at an actual sock or foot:

then you can see the heel in mine is nowhere near the cuff. I posted about this a while ago, albeit without pictures so now it's a bit easier to explain. I was thinking if I should frog it completely, or make a frankensock and then knit the next one properly. I decided to frog, and frogging just gets confusing, so these are my socks now:

Alas. One day I'll come back to sock knitting, but for now it's a no go.

P.S. In response to the Ripple Problem post: I'm going to use the yarn in the bag and just make a big granny afghan (because I've always wanted one, and that's something every crocheter does) and do white/color/white/color. I'm going to use some yarn Sarah/EssHaych sent me to make a ripple pillow. 

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Esshaych said...

Aawww, poor sock! :( I tried crocheting socks and couldn't do it. They're so difficult!
A ripple pillow sounds fab!! :D