Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween! Pumpkinpus!

A Pumpkinpus!

I saw a pattern for OctoPumpkins from Sarah/EssHaych, but figured I could just do my own octopus and use specific colors.
I used RubyTuesday's Baby Octopus pattern that I always use for cephalopods. I used Sarah's tentacle pattern for her Mini Octopuses because she has a way to make the tentacles all in one piece. And for the stem and leaf, I used the Apple in a Suit pattern from Sarah again.
Yarn: Stashbusting! Lily Sugar 'N Cream in Orange; Patons Katrina in Limon; Peaches & Creme in Camel
Hook: I wanted a small one, so went with a F (3.75 mm)
Started: October 22
Finished: October 27

I used two large cat eyes from 6060's Etsy, which is a fab place to get safety eyes, to make him look Halloween-y. He's really tiny, too, and so cute! I don't think he needs any glitz either.

Happy Halloween! I'm in bed, sick, and have to work tomorrow so will be giving out candy to kids who are trick-or-treating at the mall. (Who does that anyway?) But tomorrow I might also have a square. ;]


Lauren said...

That is so adorable!

Esshaych said...

He came out brilliantly! :D 6060 do great eyes, don't they?! I've just ordered more from them lol!