Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nope, I haven't been ignoring this blog, I just haven't had very many migraines, therefore have no reason to post! it's funny that after I create this blog they drop dramatically. I don't know why, but whatever I'm doing I don't want to stop! I only had 5 migraines in September! That's crazy, especially with working and school, though I'm only taking two classes. Even though I am eating less meat, sometimes I don't eat the best. :x Last weekend I started getting migraines almost every night and realized it was because I was drinking orange sodas every day at work, so I know I can have one like every other day, but that's totally doable. At least I don't have to give up chocolate or coffee! I don't know how I'd survive with that. But at least they're getting better. I can start to really live my life now instead of constantly being in fear of getting a migraine. At least now I have a medicine that will work so I know that if I do happen to get a migraine, it'll be okay. Maybe one day they will just disappear forever! I can only hope.

I've also started thinking I should change this and use it just as a medical journal, to recount certain things that have happened. I know I don't have any readers, if any, so I guess I'm just writing for myself, and since it's public, the internet at large. But I also have depression, anxiety, and OCD, and though those are getting better I sometimes need a place to vent. Those things might be coming up in future posts as well.

Yay for being healthy!

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