Friday, October 15, 2010

FTF: Yarn in NYC!

I'm back from New York City, and had a blast. I'm definitely moving there, the question now is only when! (March? The summer?) But in crafty news, I wanted to share some cool things. First John and I went to see the Mochimochi Land exhibit! It was amazing! I can't believe she knit everything by hand. Even John thought it was totally awesome, too. There were so many things, I could have probably walked around it hundreds of times and seen different things. John especially loved the god with the Elvis 'do, and I was especially excited to see some hippos in a mud puddle! I might have to go by them. The small train that goes around was adorable too, and I loved the stories that went with everything. If I get a chance to go back before it closes I definitely will. 

We also spent almost all of Wednesday in SoHo, and ended up walking right past Purl Soho! I was like "OMG JOHN, STOP WE HAVE TO GO IN HERE!!!!!!!!!" I didn't buy anything, and I didn't get a chance to look at the fabric, but I got to touch the yarn and squee at almost everything. The beautiful colors! The stunning textures!   I got to touch tiny skeins of KPPPM! Kidsilk Haze! Cascade! Jared Flood/BrooklynTweed's new yarn Shelter! I got to explain the differences between cashmere and merino to John.. I also got to see samples of the handwarmers I want to make. I couldn't spend a lot of time there because John was getting bored. Then we found out right next door there was a really cool guitar store, so next time we can hang out in our respective stores for HOURS.

BUT, we were flipping through this book

...and John wants like everything, so I might be picking up a copy of it. ;]


Esshaych said...

So glad you had a great time!! :D Wish we had places like that in London!

One Pink Hippo said...

Me too! Wee, I love NYC.

We went to Top Shop, too! WE GOT TOP SHOP VOUCHERS.