Friday, November 19, 2010

If there was an award for Worst Blogger, I'm sure I'd get it.


I feel so lame. Look at the state of this blog! It's in shambles. I still have like 5 posts from that long "list of future blog posts" of things I really need to do. And it's really awful because it's a reflection on the state of my crafts: nil. I have so many things to finish, and have barely scratched the surface. Christmas gifts? Oh Lord. I want them to be on time! I still have photographs from my New York trip in September I haven't uploaded to Flickr, let alone the ones from the past weekend! I really need to get stuff in gear. I need to stop being lazy and mucking around, because I need to get things done! I've been spending a lot of time after work on my art history tumblr, the Musee d'Art, which is a lot of fun, but it's not going to give people Christmas gifts! So I need to finish that list, post about my awesome amazing Super Kawaii package from Sarah/EssHaych, get those pictures from NYC on there, and get cracking on Christmas gifts! At least I finally got my medication in (stupid Rite-Aid) and now I won't have migraines every single morning.

Alright, now I sleep, but tomorrow there will be a post! (Tomorrow as in Friday.) 


Lauren said...

You can do it! Think positive

Esshaych said...

I second what Lauren says! And don't worry about updating your blog - I haven't been updating mine in ages either :(
Love the hexagons! :D

One Pink Hippo said...

Thank you guys! <3 I think today might get two posts. :3