Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh migraines.

Today is the first day in about three weeks where I feel more than 50% okay. I'm tired, but that's probably from all the medicines. It's the first day this week without a migraine, where I can see and think clearly, and actually get stuff done. I don't even know where to start, but I have a lot of homework to do.

It seems like I gave myself a rebound headache:

The overuse or misuse of pain relievers -- exceeding labeling instructions (such as taking the drug three or more days per week) or not following your doctor's advice -- can cause you to "rebound" into another headache.
When the pain medication wears off, you may experience a withdrawal reaction, prompting you to take more medication, which only leads to another headache and the desire to take more medication. And so the cycle continues until you start to suffer from chronic daily headaches with more severe headache pain and more frequent headaches.
Pain reliever overuse appears to interfere with the brain centers that regulate the flow of pain messages to the nerves, worsening headache pain. (WebMD)

I get a minor headache and get scared it will get more powerful and I'll miss class so I take medicines. It starts a cycle where each small headache I get requires more medicines, and the frequency increases, so I'm stuck with off and on headaches, thus taking medicines. I thought that me getting glasses would help, but it was already too late; I had taken way too many. I suppose I had basically overdosed. I was then struck with one of the most powerful and violent migraines I've ever had, though now powerful enough to drive me to the emergency room. (I did beg my mom a few times.) It was sharp, like a hot needle was stuck in my brain, and it was so recent just typing about it I can remember what it felt like. It also switched sides, so I knew it wasn't a cluster migraine. Those are in one area for a prolonged period of time. I know on Wednesday it went from the right side of my head, to my left, back to my right, and by the time I went to sleep that night it was on my left. It was so terrible, and I couldn't take any medicines because that would just make it worse. (In fact, I did break and took some Vicodin and it made it worse, then later took Treximet and it came back with a vengeance.)

I was finally able to go to the doctor yesterday and we rearranged my medicines. I definitely need to work on exercising, and have gone full vegetarian, so I'm forced to eat more vegetables = a lot better. My meds have been increased, and now I know a lot better how to not give myself a rebound migraine. She also gave me a shot of steroids and some Charlie Sheen and I feel so much better. My arm still hurts, but I'm awake and able to type and when I read I can fully comprehend what I'm reading. (Which means I can read for school. When I have migraines and try to read none of it sinks it.)

I just really have to watch what's going on with my medicines, because there is no way I'm letting this happen again.

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Esshaych said...

So sorry to hear you've been having a horrible time of late :( I can totally see where you're coming from as far at the rebound's go. Hope you're feeling better soon *hugs*