Friday, March 18, 2011

Recently I...

  • was out of commission for two weeks with a rebound migraine. It was pretty intense, and I was given a shot of steroids which made it go away the next day.
  • had a midterm, an essay, and abstract with annotated bibliography due the week after I recovered, but successfully got it all finished, and hopefully excellent grades.
  • am on spring break.
  • am not in New York City like I had planned, but stayed here to catch up on all the readings I missed, which turned out to be a lot more than I expected. I'm actually glad I did; I think I'll be really prepared for my upcoming exam on the Silk Road.
  • enjoyed the nice weather.
  • have pictures to post from St. Patrick's Day, but cannot locate the camera cord to my DSLR (Charlie). 
  • cleaned my room, bathroom, and sewing room.
  • made a delicious uber veggie soup, which I will post.
  • started a granny square afghan out of Lion Brand Homespun.
  • finished a hat for my mom, a Christmas present.
  • jumped on the Blythe bandwagon.
  • want to keep updating this blog regularly!
  • and have more reading to do before I fall asleep. 


Esshaych said...

Great idea for a post! I might have to steal it from you *Mwhahaha!* :p

Jillie said...

Hopefully yours is more exciting! :x