Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog Award!

The lovely Sarah/EssHaych has nominated me for the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award! Thanks a bunch, my dear! ♥

To continue the trend, here are 7 facts about myself:
  1. I've played the violin since I was 10. I'm 23 now, and play it occasionally, but really need to get back into it.
  2. I really enjoy going to the grocery store, and getting the mail.
  3. My dad started me on my love of art. When I was little we'd go to DC to the Natural History Museum (which I called the Dinosaur Museum) but before we went home we'd always stop by the National Gallery of Art.
  4. My favorite band is Pink Floyd.
  5. If I could go anywhere right this very minute I'd go to England.
  6. My favorite place in the world is Lake George, New York.
  7. I learned to knit and crochet within a month of each other. I learned to crochet first, and found knitting more difficult, but I eventually got the hang of it.
And to nominate three blogs, even if they don't see this post...
  1. EssHaych, though you don't have to do it again! I just love your blog.
  2. Attic24, for her colorful crocheted goodness.
  3. Mochimochi Land, for her stunning knit amigurumis.


Esshaych said...

You're more than welcome!! I love your blog!!
Those are some really interesting facts! I used to call our Natural History Museum the Dinosaur Museum too!! And you wouldn't want to be in England at the moment - it's ment to rain all weekend :(

Jillie the Great said...

I like rain! :D Better than humidity.

Teehee Dinosaur Museum!