Tuesday, July 12, 2011

State of the Blogger Address

So, I've been thinking about this blog, (because it's totally normal to daydream about one's blog...) and the direction it's heading. I'm not really good at keeping up with it, though I know I can be. And I'm getting more and more addicted to Blythes, and thats where the majority of my crafting has gone into. I was thinking to make a new Blythe based blog to stop spamming my followers. But then I thought I only have like 15 followers anyway, and I'm probably not going to become Blogger famous anytime soon, and why did I even start this blog? For me, about me and my crafting endeavors. If people want to join the ride, that's fine by me, the more the merrier, but I didn't create this blog as a "comment and love me so I'll become popular" type thing. It was just a way to track what I do, as a journal for my creativity that's available to everyone and that I can accent my entries with pictures. So I've decided to keep up with this blog, and just let it do what it wants. It may turn into a Blythe blog, but I'm okay with this. (It is my blog, after all) If people want to read, I'll be glad to have you, and if people don't, that's fine. This is just one of my many pieces of the internet, this one specifically for crafts, Blythes, and photos.


Esshaych said...

You're totally right - it's for YOU to do what YOU want, not what you think other people should read :) And I love reading your blog - I like all the different things you talk about and that you don't stick to one thing, like I do on mine lol! The problem with mine is I feel like people EXPECT me to talk about crocheting, and not even that sometimes, just amigurumi, because it was initially set up as just that - a crochet blog. So when I want to talk about other things like Blythe or what's gone on in my day they probably think I'm going off topic :( But yours is different - you've always talked about what you like, and that's a great way to run a blog :)

Jillie the Great said...

Thanks! <3

I love reading yours, too. Though I think you should be able to talk about whatever you want!!