Friday, August 5, 2011

Favorite Things Friday: Dyeing Yarn!

Please bear with me. I'm completely out of it. I'm on a cocktail of Butalbital and Prednisone to cure a migraine and I feel completely stoned out of my mind. I've slept all. day, and I'm not even exaggerating. But, as a dedicated blogger, and because I'm so excited about my wool dyeing kit I felt it was necessary to yammer about my dye kit. So if this post seems rant-y, or doesn't make sense you know why. I apologize.

I just bought a knitting magazine, and you know those few pages of advertisements they have before the patterns? There was a "how to dye yarn with Kool-Aid" kit from It was only $20, and since I've always wanted to dye yarn and it will fulfill a requirement for my 101 in 1,001 I decided "what the heck" and bought it. It arrived today!! In the one hour I was awake I was able to open it and was all excited. 

(Domo not included.)

I decided to get the Try-It/Dye-It Neckwarmer Kit so along with all the items necessary for dyeing (heh) it also came with a neckwarmer pattern. It came with spoons, gloves, two sample packets of Eucalan wool wash, directions, yarn...basically everything. What a great idea! I got four packs of Kool-Aid: Mango (which I'm guessing will be yellow?), Berry Blue, Cherry, and Lemon-Lime. I can also refer to THIS for what colors, but I'm not too sure about how it will come out because I'm not dyeing playsilks, and I don't really care which color it turns out to be as it's my first time!

As soon as I recover, hopefully next week, I'm going to dye yarn, and of course photograph every step. I found a tutorial on Kool Aid Popsicle Dyeing and I think I'm going to do that method rather than using the oven or microwave. (I heard if you use grape flavored Kool Aid in the microwave then your kitchen will smell like grapes for a few days!) I really like the idea of it being solar powered, adore the colors she came out with, and will be able to use the Washington DC heat and humidity to my advantage. (An hour? Pff, mine will melt and set in about 15 minutes.) 

I'm really excited and wish I could try now, only it's night and hasn't been sunny outside, and I can barely walk from the bed to the bathroom. Curses migraine medicines!! 

Stay tuned for Kool-Aid dyed yarn goodness!


Esshaych said...

Ooo, exciting!! :D Can't wait to see the WIP pictures!

BTW - what's Kool-Aid? I thought it was a drink...

Esshaych said...

Hope you're head is better soon too :) Stupid migraine meds. But the question is - did it get rid of your migraine?!

Jillie the Great said...

Yeah, the medicine is a pain but I also ran out of the medicine that works properly and didn't refill the order quick enough, so it's kinda my fault. Currently I just feel stoned/drunk and have an off and on migraine. I'll take my pills every 4 hours tonight like I'm supposed to and hopefully that'll knock it out.

Haha, Kool-Aid is a drink, but apparently you can dye with it, like food coloring! Who'da thought. But I definitely don't want to drink it... :p I just want my migraine to go away so I can have fun!