Thursday, August 4, 2011

Outtakes Wednesday: Week 1 // WIP Wednesday

I've had so much fun taking pictures of my Domo in public I end up taking more than one. And it's so hard decide which one should be the picture I've decided to make a mosaic on Wednesday with the "outtakes." I know when I go to New York City in a few weeks I know I'll take like 20 pictures a day of my little Domo. So I present to you Outtakes Wednesday, Week 1:
1.  (top left) from ADAD 1: Milagro does the Domo mouth!
2. (top right) from ADAD 2: Lord of the Eggs
3. (bottom left) from ADAD 2: Alex O'Loughlin! He's our man! Woo!
4. (bottom left) from ADAD 2: I found a video about Britons exploring a Wal*Mart. One of the things they thought was quite strange is that we keep our iced tea in petrol containers! After sending the video to Sarah/EssHaych she commented on it that it was quite strange. And when I was in the store I had to get a picture!

Stay tuned for Monday's week 1 wrap up!


Oh no, normal features will not be interrupted! As far as WIP Wednesday goes:

1. I'm knitting two Blythe sweaters for a swap with mellow is me on Flickr. (to be finished ASAP)
2. As previously mentioned I'm joining the squares for my grandmother's afghan. (to be finished by the 20th)
3. My Blythe sized Domo Sweater Dress prototype is on hold until I finish #1. (Did I mention I frogged the Fair Isle because it was too tight? It's looking better now.)
4. Stephanie Sun replied to my question about her Commuter Fingerless Mitts. I feel a lot more confident on finishing, as I was quite confused on how to switch from DPNs/in the round to the straights. Even though #1 and #2 take precedence I might need to sneak these in somewhere. :3
5. I was crocheting a piggeh amigurumi for my friend Dana but I only finished the body and never got around to making legs, a tail or the snout. I know it'll only take me an hour, but I've been putting it off because I hate attaching pieces to ami's. Gr. There has to be an easier way. They're so fiddly, and I get annoyed when they're not on perfectly. I really need to finish this by the time August is through.

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