Monday, August 1, 2011

Photography projects for August

ADAD 1: Domo meets Milagro by onepinkhippo
ADAD 1: Domo meets Milagro, a photo by onepinkhippo on Flickr.

Two photography projects are going on in this nice hot month of August. 


The first is going to be similar to Every Day in May. Every day, using my Instagram Camera App on my iPhone, I'll take a picture of my Domo-Kuns. I haven't decided if it'll be a month of Snowflake Domo, but that's what I'm leaning towards. He's smaller and more portable, especially when I'll be in New York City later this month, and school the last few days. 
I think, like EDiM, I'll keep a running chart of all my photos on here. You can see them every day on the ADAD Flickr Set, and on Mondays I'll post a mosaic so as not to spam ya'al with Domo love.

Day 1: Domo meets Milagro
Day 2: King of the Yogurt
Day 3: Sick Day, In Bed All Day 
Outtakes Wednesday: Week 1
Day 4: Domo feels quite small in a rather large world 
Day 5: Domo interprets my dreams
Day 6: A tisket, a tasket, a Domo in a basket 
Day 7: Domo makes first contact.
Day 8: There's something lurking in the soda aisle...
Week 1 Wrap Up 
Day 9: Vroooooom! 
Day 10: Hospital waiting rooms are boring. 
Day 11: Domo enters Khazad-dûm 
 Day 12: Domo and Co. 
Day 13: Hold Me Closer, Tiny Domo
Day 14: Domo in pieces
Day 15: Domo isn't speaking to me since we aren't in NYC
Week 2 Wrap Up
Day 16: Ready for a journey!
Day 17: That's some serious hummus.
Day 18: So many tomatoes!
Day 19: It's very empty here.
Day 20: Just Domo 
Day 21: Domo had an adventure today!
Day 22: Little known fact, Domos don't like water.
Day 23: Domo feels the effects of the Virginia earthquake.
Day 24: Skipped! Woops.
Day 25: Domo taunts the rain gods. "Show me your worst!" he yells. 
Day 26: Domo and the Brain
Day 27: Domo chooses my nails for the upcoming week.
Day 28: Domo helps with Kool-Aid Popsicle Dyeing.
Day 29: Domo is pleased with today's classes.


Not happening. Will try again for September!
Happy Photography August!

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