Monday, February 13, 2012

When websites don't work

  • Well I had this big post planned... 13 days ago at the end of January about *hooray!* I had completed 31 days of A Domo a Day and was going to put a big mosaic up bug BigHugeLabs wasn't working. I tried about 3 times to make one and it just kept failing so I'm not sure whose fault it was. Hopefully it will work later today. I was going to talk about my favorite and least favorites and would be able to see if I had used any Domos too much, which I most likely have, and if I've used my phone too much, which I most likely have as well.
  • I haven't been good at blogging and crafting, so I need to start doing those two things again. I have a lot of things to say and a lot of crafts to finish for people, and when the crafts are finished, they need their pictures taken and need to be blogged. One big circle. And my poor Domo blog probably hasn't been updated since January 15th. Oops.
  • I still haven't finished Christmas presents.
  • I adopted two more Blythes, Quinn and Mimi, who's a vampire! One of my Blythe goals has been met!
  • I applied for graduation. (!!!) 
  • I really need a job.
  • Especially since I really want to adopt the newest Blythe that's coming out, Alexis Emerald.
  • I wrote a big post about her on Sarah and I's blog, so you should check that out HERE.
  • I bought items to customize my faceless Barbie, but I really need to clean and organize so I have room but where do I begin? Where does all that stuff go if I don't have a place for it in the first place?
  • I have plans to customize Quinn, and I think give Mimi some new chips, because what vampire doesn't have black chips (I thought they were, but they're slightly brown) and I'm not sure if I'm happy with her blues, they're not Mick St. John-ish enough. At least she has ghostly whites. I don't know about her other ones, red? And she came with a horrid Simply Mango scalp, but now has a black wig, but needs a proper skull cap so she doesn't have an odd bump in the back. The wig isn't horrid, it's actually divine, which is why she has a wig, I didn't want to sell it, but it doesn't work for Mimi. But what other eye color do vampires have? Maybe a grey, so she'll look halfway normal.
  • And what about Quinn's eyes? Hmm. 
  • And I really want to dedicate days to customizing Monster High,
  • And days to knitting and crocheting and sewing for Blythes. Can I do that...?
  • I'm also really behind on Flickr, too. I have pictures from when I only had two Domos and it was still autumn outside. Sheesh.
  • This is me, rambling at 2.05 AM like I don't have a paper to write tomorrow and then class in the evening. I just find it easier to do things at night and sleep during the day, and for some reason people think I'm 'lazy.' It's weird what we judge people on, isn't it? 

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Esshaych said...

You have alot on your mind! I have things on my mind alot at night too, and get most things done then aswell :)

As for your room cleaning - just take it abit at a time, that's all you can do. When I have nowhere to put stuff I know I'm going to have to get rid of something so I can make space. If you can't think of anything to get rid of, just go through some draws and stuff. It's amazing the amount of crap that can build up in cupboards and draws over the years that you don't need anymore and you've forgotten about :)