Monday, March 26, 2012

Blythe for a Year

She came! by OnePinkHippo
She came!, a photo by OnePinkHippo on Flickr.
It's been one year since I've been obsessed with these big headed dollies. My Bubble Boom arrived at my house last year on the 22nd of March.

5 dollies, countless clothes and accessories bought, photographs taken, nights spent researched and swapping wigs later I'm still in love with them. Sarah and I started a blog dedicated to them and an Etsy shop to making adorable clothes and accessories. We're even going to BlytheCon in Manchester in October, the ultimate, ultimate of Blythe collecting, where I hope to meet a lot more of Blythe buddies!

This has been a great hobby, though not cheap, but I am excited to see what the next years of dolly collecting bring!

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René said...

Sorry to do this here but I didn't find anywhere else to contact you. I saw that you put one of my toys in your wishlist on Rotocasted. It's about the pink diamond Qee. Please contact me, maybe we could sort something out or do a trade. I could even make a Domo for you!