Tuesday, April 29, 2014

For the Love of Lucy

I've tried writing this post about ten times and have absolutely no idea how to start it, so I'll just dive right in.

My two current projects both come courtesy Lucy of Attic24.  The first is her Granny Stripe Blanket.  I'm using 12 colours of DK yarn given to me by my best friend Sarah*. (She brought my 20 balls all the way from England, somehow stuffed into her suitcase!  I'm excited to have it though; DK at my LYS's are all pastel baby colours.)  Here how it's coming along.

Granny Stripe madness! 

Ooo, colours.

I'm choosing the colours randomly. Each 'round' is a total of 12 colours, and in each round they're chosen randomly thanks to the Random Number Generator. So I have a nice little oceany section in the middle.
I'm doing random colour repeats
Green, turquoise, blue, green ocean!

Lucy chained 240, but I did 300, so it's long. It's longer than I am tall, so I'd estimate 5 feet 5 inches!

iPhone for comparison.

It's going to be huge on my bed, and probably hit the floor, especially when I add the border, but it'll be great to wrap around myself fully when it starts to get chilly again. (Except it's been really chilly here lately, which is fine by me. I'd like to delay the Virginia humidity as long as possible.)

The next WIP is Lucy's Jolly Chunky Bag. It's a smaller version of a bag she made in the past. (And as it's coming along, we're almost finished, I'm glad we chose the smaller version.) We because my mom is doing one as well - it's her first crochet project! She doing it really well, especially since we're using an H-8 hook with bulky yarn.

Crochet With Your Mom Day
Starting rounds!  Mine's on the left; mom's is on the right

Lucy was selling a set of the yarn she used (Stylecraft Special Chunky) but it was sold out, and I wanted to start immediately. Waiting for yarn is torture. So we went to our local Michael's, which didn't seem to have chunky! (*shakes fist*) But we stumbled upon some Loops & Threads, Michael's own brand yarn in chunky weight. It's really soft and nice to work with. Here's what we chose:

Jolly Chunky Bag!
Loops & Threads Charisma in Yellow, Fuchsia, Think Pink, Electric Blue, Dark Blue, Taupe,  and True Red

We should have FO photos soon. The way they're crocheting up, they resemble baskets, but I'm sure once straps are added and it's smushed into a purse shape they'll be great!

Happy crafting!

*Check out Sarah's EssHaych and Eriko's Emporium (Blythes!) Etsy shops

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CJG said...

You blanket is looking lovely, but I can't wait to see how your Jolly Chunky Bags turn out! I was able to order the yarn Lucy used (plus an extra set of buttons so I can make the pillow, too!) and it arrived today. But, I cannot touch it until I have a bit more free time.