Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Some crochet things

Seems like I have a bit of projects going on at the moment, all of them no where near being finished, but does that stop me from making some scrap grannies today?  Nope.  

Granny Iris, regular granny, Granny Iris again, Granny Edna, Granny Florence, and another Edna

Not sure if I mentioned before, the Simply Crochet Granny Square-a-Week app squares I was doing.  I had an afghan in mind, but seeing my mom make granny squares for her own blanket inspired me to do 9 grannies and make a pillow.

For the back it's going to be one big granny square.  I should be finished it, but I'm using Red Heart Super Saver and it's really rough and is taking me forever.  The scrap grannies I made today were made using Lion Brand Wool-Ease and I made 6 with no problem.  My leftover RHSS might be heading to the thrift store.  Acrylic yarn doesn't have to feel like it's made of wound up plastic bags!

My mom made her first granny square!   She's been making a lot more,

and I believe it has turned from a pastel shaded lapghan to a kaleidoscope blanket.  It's coming along really nicely.

The first few rounds and colours I'm using to make Winkie's Beach Bag.  She had a crochet-a-long going on with it, check it out HERE.

A Blythe sweater, (my first intarsia !!!), with the unfinished flag of Brazil for the World Cup.  I wish I had finished this earlier, but I believe when I was finishing this up Brazil was being slammed by Germany in the semis.  Now I need to hurry up and make some Liverpool ones before August 16 when their season starts!

My current line up of my granny daughter blanket.  I bought two Pound of Loves in black so the joining will all be the same color, and am doing a pattern of variegated, solid, variegated.  Here is what I had already completely, but there's two different blacks and it really started to bother me:

And when I was looking for that I found my blanket made out of hexagons!  

Crosses fingers some of these will be FOs this year!

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CJG said...

Hooray for Grannies! And double hooray for Granny's Daughters!! Your GD afghan is looking good, and I like the hexagon blanket, too. One of these days, I'll have my big stack of GDs all neat and organized with the ends all nicely woven in, and then I can join them together. And, my initial plan was to join them with black, so the solid colors would pop, but I also really like the look of the white border. I think it'll depend on my joining method... and my mood/tastes when I finally weave in all of the tails. I make a dent in the pile every time I take a trip (and I don't have to drive), but I still have a lot to do. Your progress is providing inspiration, however, so keep up the great work, and perhaps, sooner than I expect, I'll be able to follow suit :)