Monday, June 22, 2015

Granny Squares

Recently I've been lacking inspiration, especially in crafting.  I don't know what project to start.  I have WIPs but none of them are calling me to work on them.  They're too small and fiddly, or I started it such a long time ago and my skills have progressed much further than that and it looks sloppy.

So I decided to just make granny squares.  Doing the 3 dc clusters around and around just calms me down.  Mindless crochet.  I started using the leftover worsted weight acrylic scraps from the blanket my mom is working on until I had about 10 squares.  Then I ran out of small balls and only had those large skeins that Red Heart Super Saver and Caron Simply Soft come in, and I didn't want to make a blanket that's overwhelming yellow with bits of color thrown in.  But Saturday morning I decided to do a bit of cleaning and came across this:

A ¼ of the way finished afghan and it had scrap balls of acrylic in it.

Crafting with Prudence

I decided to hibernate the hexagon afghan (previously known as the amoeblanket) and start working with that worsted to make more squares.

Now I have a collection of solid squares in different colors and little scrap balls that will be perfect for granny daughters.  I'm also incorporating solid grannies from the long dead Lake George blanket, so now I'll have more colors and it will have a nice random and kaleidoscope effect.

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