Thursday, July 16, 2015

Granny Stripe Madness!

Arwen (happy 12th birthday baby girl!) and I pulled out the granny stripe blanket yesterday.

It's full of smooshy DK goodness.  How squishy it is!  This is a dream to work on though it's a bit warm having a big blanket in my lap.

I'm excited to do this project, just rows and rows of granny stripe goodness.  I'm using DK weight acrylic yarn given to me by my dear friend Sarah (EssHaych).  I've sent her a list of the yarns she gave me as we don't readily have Hobbycraft and Yarnfair brands available in the U.S.  Unfortunately I think the dark blue color has been discontinued, but I trust Sarah will find me a close match or something I can substitute.  

Yarn for the third color repeat waiting to be added.

Hopefully this blanket will be done for this winter!  It's been hibernating in a Scuttlebutt amber ale box for the past few months.  If I had only realized just how squishy and delightful it feels I would have tried to finish it sooner.

Yesterday,  I was also working on my granny stripe cowl so it was been a day full of grannies.

I think I might do three pattern repeats and then block, seam up the back, and then it's ready for wear.  Working on it I realize the length is good, it's about average cowl length.  I'm very glad I didn't frog it.


Esshaych said...

So pretty, both the blanket and cowl! And I really hope I can find you a substitute yarn/s - I'd love to see it finished!

Esshaych said...

And Happy Birthday Arwen! <3 There were lots of kitties in Cyprus round the harbour - my Mum fell for one as she said it had a cute face. Unfortunatly I still can't convince my parents to get me a cat of my own :(