Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Zinnias, Yarn, and a Kitty

Zinnia from the garden.

Remember the squares from this post that I was struggling with?  I didn't know how to make them look like what I had drawn or how to make them into squares from circles, but I did eventually figure out the big pink one.  Say hello to the Zinnia Square!

Zinnia Square by Jillian Bankert/OnePinkHippo
Yarn: For the white square I used Red Heart Super Saver in Soft Yellow, an unknown worsted weight in turquoise, Red Heart Soft in a dark pink color (excuse my camera), and Caron Simply Soft in White.  For the green square I used Murphy's Mark Wintuk in pink, Red Heart Super Saver in dark blue, and an unknown worsted weight in green.
Hook: I - 9 (5.5 mm)
I wrote everything down so expect a pattern in the next few days!  I'm currently working on bringing them over to this blog, so hopefully by this weekend I should have all three patterns up and ready for making soon.


Last week I dyed some white wool with Kool-Aid!

Yet unnamed colorway using Kool-Aid in Grape, Mandarina-Tangerine, and Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade, the latter of which barely comes through.  The grape is really powerful, when it was wet I thought it was going to turn out black. (!)
Method: maiyamayhem's Popsicle Kool-Aid dyeing tutorial
Bare: Paton's Classic Wool in White
Weight: worsted (10 ply)
Amount: 100 grams/210 yards

I did another skein too but that one is destined for a Christmas present and won't be shown for another few months.

Does anyone have any tips on making easy-to-dye hanks?  I unraveled the skein into one big loop, then tied it at intervals but it still got tangled, and now instead of a nice solid cake I have 5 baby cakes per colorway.  (Special shoutout to my mom for untangling the mess I made.  Thanks mom!)  I'd love to be able to dye more skeins but don't want to have to waste almost 3 days untangling.  Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.


Bonus kitty shots, here is Pip:


Esshaych said...

Beautiful wool!! I still have the 2 skeins I got when we were at the Lion Brand shop that I haven't dyed yet! I think I've lost my Kool-Aid though :(

OnePinkHippo said...

Thanks! It didn't come out how I imagined it, but it's growing on me. And I shall definitely send you some packets of Kool-Aid! You have to try dyeing, it's so much fun. The yarn tangling together is the worst part. Oh, and Kool-Aid stains hands and counters like crazy. Imagine what it does to your insides. XD