Wednesday, July 8, 2015

WIP Wednesday

I've started joining (!) the therapy crochet afghan in beautiful teal.

More squares have been added since I took this picture.  It's coming along quite nicely, the teal making the solid color squares really pop.

Progress had halted but I have decided to resume work on the granny stripes cowl.

I stopped because it seems as though it's going to be a longer cowl than I wanted.  I'm seaming it up at the end as I didn't want to try and join 150 chain stitches in a loop without it twisting, so i can always make it to whatever length I want, but I don't want a chunky seam.  It's too short to be a decent scarf, (scarflette?) and I don't really want to add buttons to it.  So I've decided I'll push forward.  It'll just be a longish cowl and maybe next time I'll chain 100.

Squares!  Or, soon to be squares.

The top red, yellow, and blue is a redo of my Vera's Spike Stitch Daisy Pattern.  I don't like how the center curled and was fluffy, and am just not pleased with it in general so I decided to redo it.  The pink one is a square design that I had floating around in my brain for a bit, so it's nice to get it out and in 3D.  I've been writing these down as I go so watch this space for new patterns!

A knit (!) hat and cupcake pincushion are in progress as well, because I can't have just one project going on at a time, but I don't have pictures of those.  

What's on your hooks and needles this week?

ETA:  Check out these 5 crochet hacks.  #4 is going to save me a ton of money!


CJG said...

I love how the teal yarn looks as the joining color, and I really love the colors in the cowl. As for the length, is it long enough to wrap twice? I like to wear mine double wrapped, but need to leave a little extra length so I don't feel like I'm choking. And, for the soon-to-be squares, do you have an easy way to turn a circle into a square?

OnePinkHippo said...

Thank you! Unfortunately the cowl isn't long enough to wrap twice, but I've been looking at other cowls online and I think it's the average cowl length. I think I had in mind more a gaiter. I don't want to frog it, so I think I'm just going to push forward with it. As for the squares, I finished one last night! Pattern soon.