Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yesterday in pictures.

My mom and I went to IHOP. Yummy French toast.

Flowers on our table. I love the fall/jewel colors.

These are my babies, Arwen and Susie.

I vacuumed the stairs with my new vacuum. This is the loudest vacuum I have ever owned. And for being so small, it's quite heavy. Don't buy it unless you want to hurt your arms and give yourself a headache.

Susie pretended to be basement cat whilst playing in the Dirt Devil box.

[I took a nap.]

Then I walked to pick up the boys from school. There were some gorgeous leaves.

The leaves made prints on the sidewalk.

Live long, little dandelion.

Mom and I went to TGIFridays for dinner. Guy Fieri was there.

Steak. YUM.

[I went to visit Boyfriend. I don't have good pictures of that. :P ]

Then I picked up my Daddy at the Metro station.
Came home, and collapsed.


I've been trying to CO for a scarf for Boyfriend and NOTHING has been working. I was first working with Patons Wool in a blue/brown blend and was going to do the One Row Handspun, but the CO row didn't look good. Then I crocheted it widthwise, but it looked bad and was too long. Then I wanted to do ribbing, and the CO row didn't look good. I switched to Caron Simply Soft ECO and did a ribbed single crochet, but by the time I got to the third row, it looked horrible. Tried the ORH again and tried ribbing but it looked horrible. Is there something wrong with me or my casting on method? Gr. I think it's just going to end up as a garter stitch scarf. I'm disappointed though because (a) WTF IS WRONG and (b) I eventually wanted to make him a matching hat, and stockinette and garter stitch do not match in my world. But time is passing quickly (3 weeks till Christmas!) and I don't want to get stuck knitting furiously on Christmas Day like two years ago, only to give up, BO, give it and he hasn't worn it because it's too short. Garter stitch isn't that bad. More therapy knitting


I'll be 21 in 7 days. :D *does happy dance*

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