Thursday, March 26, 2009

Original creations and inspirations.

I just read all the posts on Elizabeth Doherty's website Gourmet Amigurumi and have the feeling of inspiration. Ya know, that feeling that wells up from your diaphragm that says I MUST CREATE and won't be satiated until I do create something, be it from a pattern or my own creation, baking or something as simple as cleaning my room. (There's an art to that as well.) On the other hand, I could just be hungry. :D
But this got me thinking about my original designs I haven't gotten around to crocheting. I have a little book of drawings (sketches, mostly. My drawing ability barely extends past stick figures) of monsters I need to crochet or designs for bags and wristlets I can sew and sell. Not only could I make money off of some of these things via Etsy, I would get that great feeling that comes only with something I made and created myself, from the idea floating around in my head, to putting it to paper, to creating it and tweaking it and to the final creation: something completely original, inspired by bits and pieces of others' creations I have seen over the Internet and my amazing imagination.
I need to start on my Lacey Cropped Cardi, (which I've been putting off due to swatching issues. I know I crochet tightly, and usually my 12" squares top off at 9" allowing for extra creativity, but I'm a little against wasting time crocheting a swatch with my H hook knowing it will be too tiny. So I'm going to go with the I hook and see how it comes out. I also want to get the shell pattern down pat before I dive into creating my first sweater) and a hat for my aunt and then maybe I can dive into original creations, OCs as they're going to be called from now on. Or maybe I'll just take tomorrow and instead of cleaning my room that is always cluttered, attacking the ever expanding pile of laundry or studying, I'll just sit around and crochet. There really isn't anything better, is there?

Oh, I posted my beluga embroidery on Craftster, and received a comment from Mr. X Stitch, creator of amazing works such as this time travel cross stitch and other amazing works. Also, he's the blogger behind the number 1 contemporary embroidery blog on the planet and he liked my silly beluga! I am beyond flattered, to say the least.

EDIT: Anyone know how to center my picture on the top using this layout? It doesn't really match; I might have to make a new one (I get OCD with colors sometimes...) but I'd still like to know how. Thanks.

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