Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weekend update.

This weekend wasn't as crafty as it could have been, but I've gotten some stuff done. First, I finished the January square for the 12 BAM CAL, Mandala. I love this color combination, but I think it would be way too much on a larger scale, like a whole blanket. But it would be cute for a little girl's room or a summery afghan. This square makes me think of beach balls.

And I did my swatch for the Watermelon Cardi. It was tough getting the pattern down; I had to redo row 5 like 3 times, but I've mastered it. I want to give the sweater my full attention so I'll wait until the weekend most likely to start, when I can crochet without trying to watch House or MonsterQuest and miss stitches and rows. It's at the "experienced" level, but I've been reading through it and it doesn't seem that difficult. I hope it doesn't give me a lot of trouble. Funny thing is, the measurements for the gauge swatch were totally weird, it had you measure the shells instead of giving a measurement for the entire thing. This caused some head scratching. No way is 20 something chains going to equal 3 1/4 inches unless you have a 1mm hook. But we figured it out, thanks to the lovely ladies in the CAL on craftster. My gauge with the H hook is pretty close, so I'm going to stick with that. I'm really excited to get started, but I've been sidetracked. I really have craft ADD. I'm excited with what I've been crocheting, but I'll save those for when they're complete.


Howie said...

Your swatch for the Watermelon Cardi already has a scrumptious watermelon aura :D The final sweater promises to be perfect for springtime picnics!

mochaxlight said...

Thanks! :D Now I just have to get working on it. *shakes fist at the college workload*