Friday, April 10, 2009

A Day in Tweets

Apparently, Twitter is all the rage these days for 20 somethings like myself. I already have Facebook, though, and think that's enough minute to minute updates for me and will refuse to jump on the Twitter Bandwagon. But, in the Twitter fashion, I decided to document my entire day, yesterday April 9, in Tweets

@10.04: cut wrist on cactus. how emo. remember, down the road not across street.
@10.45: hot on deck, cold on front porch. buh?
@11.00: weird worm things in lunch salami. threw out.
@11.07: migraine. drove around hospital parking lot debating on going home or seeing if I could make it.
@11.10: pain worse. back home.
@11.24: almost hit Mexicans chatting in the middle of road.
@ 11.30: ILVTOFU - bad license plate or tofu lover? you decide.
@11.31: sleep. curses pain.
@11.35: Fastran for Egyptians interrupts slumber. do'h.
@12.02: mom's home. stares at me debating if I'm faking it or really sick. Susie chirping in sympathy...and cleaning her bum.
@12.15: small joy #1: wrestling with Suz until she falls asleep. what a baby!
@3.40: peanut butter jelly time!
@4.09: crochet time!
@4.13: finally changes calendar to April. -_-
@4.28: note to self: make tiny amigurumi out of needlepoint yarn and tiny hook
@4.38: deja vu!
@4.39: googles Tocatins to find out where Survivors are. it's a state of Brazil.
@4.45: leaves for work with amigurumi parts strewn on my bed like a mini massacre.
@7.02: Bryant was locked because FCPS is on spring break. drove there for nothing. watching taped House episodes.
@8.18: nasty Subway! oooo, Slumdog Millionaire tomorrow! Anyone else notice the foreshadowing in the death kitty episode of House?
@9.02: RIP Kutner
@10.47: have 3 ARTH classes for next semester, but what about SPAN? Science?
@11.48: No wonder Nabokov named her Dolores. not only does it mean pain in Spanish, the nickname Dolly describes her perfectly - Humbert Humbert's doll, his sex doll, nothing more and nothing less.

Interesting, no? Not really. More lame than anything else; mochaxlight will not be moving to Twitter anytime soon. No one needs to know what I'm doing every hour of the day. And if they do then they might be stalkers. >.<


myklia said...

I don't understand facebook, but I totally twitter. I didn't think I would like it, but now I'm amongst the addicted. Now my new computer is up and running, I can go back to blogging.

mochaxlight said...

Facebook helps me keep in touch with all my pals from high school and the new ones from college. I've even found a few from elementary school!

Facebook has status updates which is like the same thing as Twitter. And I really don't need anymore distractions. >.<