Friday, July 3, 2009

#25, #48, #71

25. Read the books I own but never have read or don't remember reading before buying any more. (3/56)
So far, I've read three: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, and Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, but the one I just finished, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See was amazing! I'm on an Asian kick right now, after just gobbling up Pearl S. Buck's The Good Earth, and Snow Flower takes place in the same time period. It gives you a completely different view of pre-Revolutionary China, from a female perspective and how differently they conducted their lives compared to men. See describes foot binding (which makes my feet hurt just thinking about it), to the upper chamber where women spend their days talking and embroidering and the process of childbirth, from sex (known as "bed business") to births and deaths. Lily, the narrator and protagonist describes her life as a peasant girl who gets paired with Snow Flower forming a relationship known as laotong that will last their entire life. Their mother's bound their feet at the same time, and the experienced everything life threw at the together, friends until their death. It's not a happily ever after tale, pre-Revolutionary China was rough, and there's a few plot twists, too. So, if you're reading this blog go to your library now and check it out!

48. Teach mom how to purl. (Completed July 3)
I taught my mom how to purl! I'm so proud. She picked it up very quickly, quicker than she picked up knitting to begin with. But the purl stitch is basically the opposite. I'm so proud of my little student! Now she can make fancy things, though I doubt she will never give up her title as being the queen of garter stitch. Here's her gauge swatch: she's done stockinette, ribbing and some seed stitch! Aw, my little student is all grown up.

71. No cell phone, internet, TV and computer for one whole weekend. (Completed weekend of June 26 - 29.)
For my mom's birthday, my family went to Shenandoah National Park. (Pictures on the main blog HERE.) They don't have televisions in the cabins we were in and they have Wi-Fi but it's in the main lodge place so I didn't bring my computer. I did cheat a little and checked my cell phone every night to see if I could hear from Mr. mochaxlight who was in Canada, but he didn't want to pay the international rate and I didn't have service anyway. Even though I cheated a little, I still think it's the closest I'll ever get to completely unplugging. When I returned, I realized how much of a time suck the Internet is. But alas, it's so addicting!

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