Sunday, July 5, 2009

Two new squares to add to my 2009 BAM CAL shoebox.

For April, I had planned to do the 2009 square as a 6 inch, but it came out as 8 inches, so I decided to make it a 12 inch. I still needed a 6 inch, so I was going to do the June 6 inch, the Eliot Square, because I had already decided I wasn't going to do it and substitute something else. But when I started the Eliot Square, I didn't have the corrected directions, and did 11 2dc sets instead of 7 so it came out frilly. I decided to just forget that one and do a simple 6 inch granny square. I love granny squares. I don't think I could have a crocheted afghan that uses squares without it. Still reading? Good. :]

Yarn: Turquoise (it's really a nice turquoise; it's cloudy outside so I had to make due with incandescent lighting. Yug.) from myklia (thanks girl) and Lion Brand's Wool Ease in Chocolate, some left over from my Daddy's Granny Square afghan.
Hook: I

I'm not sure how, but I decided against my substitution and chose to do the Eliot Square for June anyway. Maybe it's because I found the correct instructions. :P

Eliot Square by Julie A. Bolduc
Yarns: Ha, what yarns didn't I use? Turquoise worsted from the granny, RHSS in Cherry Chip, CSS in Limeade, Red Heart Sport in red and the LB Wool-Ease from the granny. The two RH and Caron yarns were from Momma mochaxlight - she unraveled some of her swatches and they were great size to use up. Colorful, no?
Hook: I
Mods: Just a reference, Round 1 reads *2dc in ring, ch1, 11 times.* But it should read *2dc in ring, ch1, 7 times.* And the last three rounds, the red and two brown rounds (ha, rhyme!) I just sc around. I didn't feel like messing with the directions, so that why it's a bit wavy in the middle.


Momma mochaxlight learned how to purl! I'm so proud of her! It also completed one of my 101 in 1001 tasks, #48 teach mom how to purl. Go see her swatch on my 101 blog HERE.

She also had some left over yarn and made herself a pouch for her iPod. Her garter stitch is so. neat. it's crazy. Seriously, you have never seen a neater garter stitch. Jared over at brooklyntweed should be scared. My mom's your main competition! And her whip stitch was extremely neat, too. I'm jealous. A lot of times, when I get to the end I just want it to be done and get lazy with finishing, which is why both my parent's afghans have came undone because I suck at weaving in edges and back then I just wanted the thing to be finished. I know better now, though.


For testing her jellyfish and turtle patterns, the latter which has to be finished, Ravelry/Etsy/Blogger/Craftster user EssHaych gave me 40% off in her Etsy store. I fell in love with her Eggberts, and a few days ago I received an Eggbert(a) of my own! She's so adorable, and came with a little sticky feet friend I'm going to put on my sewing machine. Her stitches are so tiny and neat, and the little Eggberta just sits in the middle of my hand. Go buy yourself one over at her Etsy store HERE.


And the last, but not least (does Blogger have a limit on the amount of information you can put in one post?) Craftster user craftADDchick tested my Vera Bradley 12" square!

Gorgeous, isn't it? Now I have to just wait to get feedback from Craftster user fantasticmio, get my notes together and possibly re-crochet the flower part and then the square will be available on here for FREE! I thought about selling it, but I like finding free patterns, so I figured I would also do the same. It's also going to be featured in the 2009 BAM CAL as the Craftster square in September, so keep your eyes and bananas peeled.

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