Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Favorites come in sets of five.

Because Grumperina did it, I missed my one year blogiversary, and I like lists, I've decided to do my own Favorites in Fives. My yarns aren't going to be as glamorous as I don't have access to fancy schmancy yarns yet nor will my projects be as professional looking, but it's fun to see what my favorites are now and then see what they morph into five years from now.

Five Favorite Yarns
1. Caron Simply Soft: A wonderfully soft yarn with no dye lot, which means I have no fear of running out and having a sweater with two different shades of pink. Soft and not splitty; I use it for sweaters, afghans, and amigurmi
2. Lily Sugar and Creme and Elmore-Pisgah Peaches and Creme: Ah cotton how I love thee. How I love you come in small balls that only cost a dollar and I can get a dishcloth out of one. How I love the stitch definition you give my amigurumis and the way you breathe so I can wear hats in the summer (that aren't baseball caps) without looking like a dunce.
3. Lion Brand's Vanna's Choice and Vanna's Choice Baby: Though I've only used it for one project, it's incredibly soft for an acrylic and comes in a vast array of colors.
4. Lion Brand's Homespun: Even though it's incredibly splitty and the squeakiest acrylic yarn I've encountered, there's no denying the warm fabric this yarn produces and the awesome colors it comes in. (As you can tell, I'm a major sucker for color.)
5. Lion Brand's Wool Ease: I love you Lion Brand. Wool isn't my favorite because I find it scratchy, so combine it with some acrylic and it becomes more wearable and more washing machine friendly.

Five Favorite Projects
1. Julio: I've never made a cuter or more useful amigurumi. Julio holds my tapestry needles and he doesn't complain when I use his shell to hold safety pins
2. Le Slouch: I love this hat. Even though the 2x2 rib I did makes it a little loose, it's still the best hat ever. Great for bad hair days, since it's white it goes with every outfit and I can wear it year round.
3. My 2008 BAM CAL afghan and my mom's: Even though it look me almost a year and a half, and they are on the small side, I freaking love these afghans. I use mine all the time. I love my color combination and it's warm and toasty. My mom loves hers, too.
4. Vera Bradley inspired 12" square: My crochet baby; my first pattern. I love it to death, and am incredibly proud of myself for creating a pattern on my own.
5. Bubbyfly: It's really funny to go to Mr. mochaxlight's room and see this ami guarding his record player. I'm very proud of this FO, especially since I had quite a time finding just the right project

Five Favorite Books
1. Stitch and Bitch: the Happy Hooker: Where would I be without all the tips and tricks in the first few chapters? Still chaining, that's where.
2. Fitted Knits: I want to make everything in this book. I actually have the yarn to make the Cozy V-Neck Pullover with Deep Ribbing, and can't wait to start. I really like that Japel gives tips for making the garment fit you perfectly.
3. I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Socks: This book has step by step directions for knitting your own socks. Having this book on my bookshelf has given me the confidence I need and the know-how to feel comfortable knitting my own socks.
4. Cute Little Animals: I just got this in the mail today and can hardly wait to start crocheting. This book features patterns for a hippo and a Loch Ness Monster. Could there be anything better?
5. 200 Crochet Blocks and 200 Knit Blocks: I can just sit for hours and look at all the blocks in these books and imagine all the afghans I'm going to make. I love all the patterns, ranging from easy peasy to extremely difficult. I think everyone in my family is going to get an afghan using the patterns from these two books.

Five Favorite Techniques, Tricks and Gadgets
1. The "crocheting over" technique: I fail at weaving in the ends. Both my parents afghan's have come apart because of my bad weaving the tails in. But then during the last granny daughter's swap, people were talking about crocheting over the ends! At last, I had found the solution. I don't know what to do about my knitting tails, but at least crochet problem is solved.
2. Adjustable loop: No more trying to find and crochet into that little space you get after you *chain 3 and then join with a slip stitch*. Plus, I can make it as loose or tight as I please. And it's much quicker than the previous method.
3. My mom knows how to make a yarn over buttonhole without doing the traditional *yo, k2tog.* I'm not sure how. I need to test my theory and when I do and if it works I'll let everyone know.
4. My Namaste needle case: I have a bad habit of loosing things. Everything. I've lost so many earrings it's not even funny. But when my parents gave me this gorgeous case two Christmases ago, I knew I wasn't going to loose a hook or needle again.
5. The orange prescription bottles: Because of my migraines, depression and anxiety, I have far too many of these, but they're great for holding safety pins and stitch markers and they're free!


Quote of the day:
Every man should know how to scramble eggs the way he likes them and knit socks that he likes. (Ravelry user Agres)


New square!

2009 by Crochet 'N' More
Yarns: Caron Simply Soft in White and Plum Wine
Hook: I hook
Mods: I used the I hook thinking if I used my H it wouldn't reach 6". Well, it came out 8" so I decided to add the extra granny rounds to make it 12".

And now, I'm off to the pool to tan and read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Ah, summer.

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