Friday, September 25, 2009

Favorite Things Friday.

Firstly, the most important favorite thing of today was that my class was cancelled. I got to sleep in, and not drive out to Fairfax in the weird humid/chilly weather. Instead, I got iHop and undies at Victoria's Secret with my mom. :] Go us!

Onto the squees! Which is what I did when I saw EssHaych's Best Of post, and saw these:

OH. MY. GOODNESS. They are so freaking cute! And they're called puggles! A puddle of puggles! Even their name is cute! Those cute little pink eyes, that kawaii little smile, those ears, those colours! I'm convinced if these things were actually alive there would be peace on Earth. Seriously. Thanks to callykarishokka for bringing such cuteness into the world. Check out her Etsy shop to adopt your own.

Whilst browsing on Craftster, I came across the cutest little amigurumi fox this side of the Mississippi...(or Atlantic...where ever, he's CUTE okay?) from earless owl.

I'm thinking this should just turn into Cute Things Friday.


elociNNicole said...

Oh My! I usually am not a fan of overly cute things but that fox made me say awe.... That is really obnoxiously cute.

Esshaych said...

They're all seriously cute, ain't they! :D And Thanks for the link to my blog! *hugs*