Friday, October 9, 2009

50 projects FINISHED.

I've completed 50 projects! The 50 projects in 2009 has been reached! And I'm working on a few more; I'll probably have at least 60 when the year is over. And that's not counting all the WIPs. (2010 will be dedicated to their poor, wayfaring souls. [And there's a lot, too. It's like Hades down here, with all these rejected and unfinished projects.])

So, to share:

check out those curly corners!

First, is my own pattern that unfortunately, failed miserably. It's called the Andy Gambler Dishcloth. I have no idea where the name came from. It's basically going to be crocheted on an angle (like the knit Grandmother's Favorite cloths) with different colored wedges which will be separated by surface chains. Good idea, but I increased twice on each row starting out, and decreased twice on each row while I was finishing. So, it's a big wave, and I can't even pit in out to block it without it curling up on itself and sending the pins flying. Maybe I'll soak it. For now, I just have to go back to the drawing board and redo the pattern. Good learning experience, and a good stashbuster. Hopefully it'll look decent when it's actually complete.

Sometimes I get domestic and make bread, like so:

applesauce bread! One of the best things of the autumn. No, it does not have vilitigo, those white spotches were supposed to be a crumble topping, but I think I used too much butter and not enough flour, and it didn't resemble breadcrumbs at all, it was more a large butter/flour ball. I just picked pieces off and added it. Next time I'll try to do it correctly.

And two Boy Beanies from Stitch and Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker. First, one for my cousin Micaela:

Yarn: Caron Perfect Match in Midnight Blue; Red Heart Super Saver in Lavender, and Light Green
Hook: I (5.5 mm)
Notes: For the stripes, I did dc instead of sc.

And for my Daddy for Christmas:

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue; Caron Simply Soft Eco in Forest Floor
Hook: I (5.5 mm)
Notes: Because CSS is in between worsted and DK weight I had to add 5 more rows. I also added a slip stitch border which may have to be removed because it makes it a tad tight, but we'll see how it fits when he tries it on.


Obviously Favorite Things Friday has gone the way Squares on Sunday did: to the "hibernating projects" pond. I do have the time (especially on Fridays) to blog, but during the week I don't surf Craftster and Ravelry, because I just don't have the time so I'm not hip to all the awesomeness.

That said, I'm all over crazy mom quilt's "playing with ROYGBIV" squares.

I've been wanting to do this for forever, but I don't have enough scraps. I'm keeping them though, in true OCD fashion: I have a Ziploc baggie for every color (ROYGBV; indigo is fail) and for "rainbow" colored ones, so hopefully some day I'll get enough scraps and can make a fun rainbow/spectrum quilt with a ton of fabrics. I know along with cottons in there, I have some fleece and jersey t-shirt material. Ooo fun.

Since this is a three day weekend...actually, four, because I decided not to go to class today (BAD JILL) we're dedicating at least one day solely to crafts (aka Christmas gifts; most likely cleaning) and one day solely to school work. (aka Renaissance art paper; all those other readings.) And included in there is some socializing and Macy's for pants. Ooo Macy's card, you got me. It's working, you got me, ahhhh, it's working!


amandajean said...

congrats on finishing 50 projects this year! what a great thing that is. i'm so glad that you like my squares. they were lots of fun to make. :) i'd love to contribute some scraps to your stash, as i have plenty to share. send me your address and i'll put together a little package for you. :)

Esshaych said...

Great job on the 50 projects! :D And that video made me laugh - I haven't seen that before!

mochaxlight said...

Thanks! You rock!

Esshaych: Haha, yes! American commercials FTW!