Friday, November 20, 2009

Favorite Things Friday

Today's post brought to you by the letter "W" for Wal*Mart, as in I went in to pick up some face cream and air stones for my fish tank and $65 dollars later I came back with this chick:

Yes, that's Gloria the Hippo (voiced by Halle Berry) from the Madagascar films. Apparently there was a Christmas one, but whatever station it was on didn't properly advertise so every one found out after the fact.
Anyway, I was looking for hats and there was a display with a nice LCD TV and movies and BAM, hippo with a wreath! Can I say no? Oh no. So I walked around Wal*Mart with my little hippo, very proudly.

In honor of the new Twilight film, and I have a few words to say.

Apparently the movie was pretty good. My mom came home gushing like a tween. Apparently it was a lot better than the first.

I'm sure everyone's familiar with Beth Doherty and her amazing work and her book, which I do own and am just getting around to crocheting something out of it...
But I follow her blog, and she's been working up a storm for Luv-able Hug-able. Out of all the amis she's sending this one has to be the cutest:

She's not quite sure what it is, and neither am I. A little male version of Deery Lou? Maybe.
Beth's comments:
And on the very bottom is Hilbert.  I’m not quite sure what he is.  The horns are made of felt that I embroidered, stuffed and gathered the tips of to give them that curve.  I just love the fabric I used for him.  It is called Park Slope, designed by Erin McMorris. I cut out dots from this one, mounted them on felt and sew them to his back for the spots.  I wrapped him up good, but I am a bit worried about how the horns will survive being shipped.  I really hope they don’t get bent out of shape.

The lovely Jeanette (aka mykila) sent me a wonderful poetry themed package, too! ♥ THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm so excited. Two zines, a poetry pack, some of her own poetry, and four, yes four mix CDs. I'm so excited! Putting them on my iPod now, and also getting her goodies out. (I'm listening to your playlist now. It's freakin sweet.)

And in miniature sweater news, the Minutia 2009 is out from Berroco!



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