Sunday, September 12, 2010

The semi-sickness.

You know how after you've been sick for a week and out of commission and have been lazing around the house watching Jerry Springer, the first day you feel halfway decent and/or need to get back out into the real world because you're now under the influence your significant other is cheating on you with your mom who happens to have had a sex change and is actually both your mother and father, and you feel great the first hour but as the minutes wear on they really begin to wear on, and you get weaker by the second and think "why the f*ck did I come outside? I'm missing Jerry Springer!" and all you crave is the comfort of your bed that's covered in trashy gossip magazines and snotty tissues? You know? That's how I feel now. I had all these plans for things to do before I went to work at 4, including finishing the legs for my baby gator from the NYC class, but I feel crazy weak. I was sick a few days ago last week, but drank Airborne like a champ and felt better. Looks like more Airborne and a nap is in my future, but no knitting. :(

I also found this beautiful combination of art and knitting on Ravelry today. A Frida Kahlo sweater by DorotheeWool

I had an update post almost complete, which I'll try to get up tomorrow.

Wish me luck at work, it's inventory day where we apparently scan the entire store and instead of working 4 to close (10 or 10.30) which is usual, I'm working 4 to 11.59, ah!


Esshaych said...

*hugs* I hope you're feeling better now - being sick sucks :( I feel like crap today too if it's any help :(
I love the sweater! How on earth did they make that?!
Hope everything went ok at work too, I know all about the crazy times you have to work in a shop because of my brother :( Hope you're getting paid overtime!

Jillie the Great said...

Thanks! I don't know why this cold is still lingering, WTF.

If you follow the link to her Ravelry site there's a chart DorotheeWool made for the sweater. Gorgeous, isn't it?!

Work is ok. Since I'm not full time I don't qualify for overtime, but it's ok. I still got paid for those extra hours. Makin' the money!