Friday, November 12, 2010


Seriously Lion Brand, what's up with you? This came out of some Homespun I was making into a cake. I love slubs, don't get me wrong, but what are slubs doing my commercially produced yarn? If I want slubs, I'll go handspun.
Despite all the complaining, I left it there. Hopefully it'll knit up ok.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for New York City (!!!) so after I should return to normally scheduled blogging. On the 'list of future blog posts' I have a recipe, and I made it again tonight. I want to post it, but I'm tired and need get up early to pack and do laundry and such before I have to catch my bus. 


Esshaych said...

I'd never heard of a slub before - now I know what it is! :p

One Pink Hippo said...

Yep, slubs are those little lumpy things. Usually they come in handspun yarn; I've never seen one in commercial produced yarn! Granted Homespun is roving with a thin piece holding it together. I think I sent you some, and you used it for the doll's hair?