Sunday, November 7, 2010

Squares on Sunday!

Four squares to share with you today! I have been really productive.

I've completed three 6 inch squares, all from 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton.

First is 19: Lacy Cross.
I used Caron Simply Soft in Soft Green and an I hook. I finished it tonight; it took about an hour. 
It ended up coming out a little larger than 6 inches because I changed the last round to sc instead of dc. I still wanted the border around it. When I sew them together I might take out that last round if it gets too big, but for now it stays.

Second, 43: Four Patch Granny
I used Red Heart Baby Multi in Rocking Horse, Caron Simply Soft in White and Lion Brand's Pound of Love in Lavender and an I hook. It took about one night as well.
It also has a border in the PoL Lavender, but it was added after this picture was taken. Right after I finished and measured it was fine, but the next day was obviously smaller than the rest, and had apparently shrank. I'm not too sure how that worked, but I like the border anyway so I'm not too worried.

Third is 157: Boxed Square.
I used Lion Brand's Pound of Love in Lavender and Caron Simply Soft in Soft Green with an I hook. I finished this one in two settings, two nights, so a little longer than the others because it's not open.
It doesn't look like the picture because I modified the colors. I did an extra round of purple, and three of green because I thought my tension was so tight I'd have to add 3 or so more rounds, but it turned out not needing any white at all. Maybe my tension is evening out.

Lastly, I did the Half-n-Half - 12" square by Melinda Miller
Yarn: All those listed above
I hook, per usual with the squares in this afghan.
It took me five days, from October 27 - 31, because I had a horrible sinus infection. It wouldn't have taken that long had I been well. If I were to make this again I would make the center granny square 6 inches instead of following the pattern's 6 rounds, and then added the dc rounds because it makes it look odd. I added some variegated yarn halfway through so it didn't look like a tiny granny in the middle.

Now I believe I have 11 six inch squares to go, and 3 twelve inch ones to do and then the squares will be finished! Maybe in time for Christmas, even if I won't be able to see my grandma. (Working in retail means no vacation days off in December during the rush.)

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