Monday, December 6, 2010

Recent Works.

I'm feeling mildly better. After four days of a migraine and vertigo starting Sunday, I just couldn't take it anymore, and went to the emergency room, where they pumped me full of morphine. Everything's kind of a haze, and I can't really concentrate, except to read. I'm reading My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult, and it's fantastic. I'll probably finish it tonight, because watching TV is hard (all the movement), and I don't trust myself to knit and crochet properly. It's like I don't have control of anything. I don't know; it's hard to explain. All I know is I'm not myself, and that hopefully I will be soon. 

I'm making a Grumpasaurus for my Daddy because he's pretty grumpy. First I started with US 3 needles, like the pattern said and I came out with this:

Not too great. It was tight, too. So I'm using US 6s and it looks a lot better:

I also finished a square for my grandma's blanket:

Granny in the Middle from 200 Blocks to Crochet by Jan Eaton
I used a US 9 hook, and Caron Simply Soft in White and Red Heart Soft Baby in Rocking Horse. 
It didn't take that long, just a granny square with a border.

Well, off to finish my book. Hopefully I won't be so dizzy tomorrow. 


Esshaych said...

Blimey, you must've been really bad if you needed Morphine :( I know what it's like not feeling in control, it's confusing and annoying :( Hope you're feeling more like yourself soon! :)

Jillie said...

They gave me so much, it was crazy! I do feel a lot better now, thankies! <3